Year-end Competitions

Special Digital Clinic

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Traditional Color, Monochrome, Altered Reality & Portrait

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1.  In The Back Yard

Challenge the photographer to see the backyard in a new perspective.

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2.  Canadiana

Referring to things, people or places related to the Culture of Canada. Embodies the artistic, culinary, literary, humour, musical, political or social elements that are representative of Canada and Canadians. Think tourism, obvious and hidden gems to represent Canada to the world.

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3.  Macro

Extreme close up photography, usually of very small subjects in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size. Details which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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4.  Photographer’s Choice (Nature)

Wide open, as far as subject matter is concerned.  Show us your best image of something in nature.  Avoid domesticated plants and animals.

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5.  From the Past

We all have a past. People, places, things. It could be how time shows we or it is from the past. It could be how from the past is just as new in the present. Think about how time has worn away as well as how restoration has become the vogue and vintage.

Think old cars, buildings, things. Some that show they have been worn down and some that have been restored. Vintage, pin up inspiration.

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6.  Enhanced by the Light

Fundamentals of seeing the light. This is your opportunity to watch and play with light. When out creating, keep these four fundamentals in mind.

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Year-end Competitions

Traditional Color, Monochrome, Altered Reality & Portrait

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1.  Three’s

Must have three of something from nature.

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2.  Framed

Bring attention to the central focal point of your photo by using creative framing.

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3.  Movie Titles

The title of a major motion picture is represented in the photo.

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4.  Power of Nature

The destructive or creative power of nature should be the subject

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5.  Hi Key / Low Key

Very high light levels, or very low light levels should be demonstrated.

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6.  Street Photography

The day to day images of people and places.

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Landscape & Table Top Competition

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Online Galleries:  Tabletop  |  Landscape


2012-13 Clinics

1.  Big Sky

Pictures can be of anything, but the majority of the photo has to be sky!

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 2.  Action, Speed, Motion

Take a picture that captures the feeling of motion in the frame (creative use of blur or panning is allowed)

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 3.  Swamp, Marsh or Wetland

Any landscape where the main subject or majority of the photo is a swamp, marsh or wetland.

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 4.  In Performance

Performance art is the communication between the artist and the audience. It is not just dancing and singing, but all kinds of performances.

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 5.  Use of Negative Spaces

Put simply, negative space is the area which surrounds the main subject in your photo (the main subject is known as the “positive space”).

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 6.  S Curve

The s-shape is aesthetically pleasing and is capable of standing on its own in an image. Show us an image where the “S” curve serves as the primary focus of your image.

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Tabletop & Landscape

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Year-end Competitions

Traditional Color, Monochrome, Altered Reality & Portrait

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2012 Clinics

Wildflowers and/or Birds  [Digital] [Print] [PDF]

Sports [Excel]  [PDF]

Trees [Excel]  [PDF]

Secret Saskatoon [Excel]  [PDF]

Reflections [Excel]  [PDF]

Night Photography [Excel]  [PDF]

2011 Clinics

Color and Contrast  [Digital] [Print]

Geometric Shapes [Digital]  [Print]

Junked  [Digital]  [Print]

Long Exposure  [Digital]  [Print]

Texture  [Digital]  [Print]

Water  [Digital]  [Print]

2011 Year-End Awards

Summary of the Total Points for Clinics

Digital Results

Print Results

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