Club Information

Our meetings are from September to May with various Summer Fun activities through the summer season

General meetings start at 7pm, Judging nights start at 6pm

Mayfair United Church *
(902 – 33rd Street West)

* Subject to change – See website for updates

Mailing Address

Ron Lambert
Saskatoon Camera Club
#306 – 250 Hunter Road
Saskatoon SK  S7T 0Y4

Membership Fees

Single  $50/year
Family $60/year
Student $25/year
Life Member (20 years or more) Free
Spouse of a Life Member $10/year

Camera Club Executive

President:  Bruce Guenter  (306) 384-3296   Email:  [email protected]
Vice-President:  Mary Lou Fletcher (306) 270-0650
Treasurer: Ron Lambert   (306) 652-2366  [email protected]

Membership: Maurice Vold   (306)717-3099
Secretary:  Rhea Preete   (306) 717-2741
Past President:   Stephen Nicholson

Webmaster:  Scott Prokop   (306) 715-8484   Email:  [email protected]
Prints Chair:  Vacant
Digital Chair:   Brian Barnhill  (306) 229-7998    Email:  [email protected]
Judging Chair: Donna Tiffin (306) 292-7397

Program Chair:  Laura Foley   (306) 230-0736

CAPA Rep:  Amy Wildeman  (306) 365-4395  Email: [email protected]
PRPA Rep:  Maureen Sinclair  (306) 955-2373  Email: [email protected]

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