Car Rally Scavenger Hunt

The upcoming Car Rally / Scavenger Hunt on Saturday July 12th will be an afternoon of fun filled with photography, riddles and so much more ending with a BBQ at Karen’s.  Depending on the number of teams we get the event will kick off around noon with each team starting 10 minutes apart.
To best organize this we need you to create your teams and send us the information on or before Friday the 11th of July.  The rules are simple all we need is:

  • A driver and three other team members who can be spouses, friends, relatives or anyone else you would like on your team.  In a pinch we can make do with three but four is better.
  • Some photo gear so you can take your pictures.  The Car Rally does not finish until you hand in your pictures at the end and timing is part of the score.  Hint, if you just shoot JPG and copy your images to the USB we will give you at the end you will save you a lot of time.  Also, we will have computers and card readers ready for you to use at the finish line
  • Anyone on the team is allowed to shoot but you may find it advantageous to not have the driver do some or most of the photography
  • A smart phone might come in handy (another hint).

What we need from you:

  1. Team Name – come up with a fun name for your team (think of a cleaver name for your team, like “What the F’ Stops!”)
  2. Members of the team and the name of the driver (3 or 4 people)
  3. An email address of one of the teams members so we can send you further instructions
  4. Send this information to
    1. Jannik: [email protected] or
    2. Karen: [email protected]

This will be a lot of fun and I really encourage you to come out and participate.  Also, if you bring some non-camera club members it would be a great way to introduce them to the club.  After spending the afternoon, figuring out the clues to destinations, collecting required images, you will end up in a secret location to socialize the evening and share your stories of how you ‘legally’ got your images.