Award Winners 2013-14

Congratulations to all the award winners this year!  Special thanks to Vern Sanders for his 50 years as a member and still going.

Special Presentations

Philip NcNeill: Most Improved
Vern Sanders: 50 years as a Member

Summer Fun

1st: Jamie Cleveland
2nd: Ken Greenhorn
3rd: Helen Brown
1st:Jamie Cleveland
2nd: Michael Cuggy
3rd: Ken Greenhorn

Fall Field Trip

1st: Helen Brown
(tie) 2nd: Scott Prokop
(tie) 2nd: Gerald Hammerling

Treasure Hunt

1st: Bob Holtsman
2nd: Ken Greenhorn
3rd: Cathy Baerg

Clinic Awards

Best photo from the 6 clinics as voted by the members

AR: 1st Ken Greenhorn
B&W: 1st Barry Singer
TR: 1st Gordon Sukut

AR: 1st Barry Singer
B&W: 1st Bas Hobson
TR: 1st Bas Hobson

Landscape Awards

Print: 1st Marcia Provenzano
Digital: 1st Bas Hobson

Tabletop Awards

Print: 1st Gordon Sukut
Digital: 1st Michael Cuggy

Photo Presentation Awards

1st Jannik Plaetner
2nd Bas Hobson
3rd Karen Pidskalny

Year End Awards

AR: 3rd Wayne Corbett ; 2nd Amy Wildeman; 1st Barry Singer
B&W: 3rd Amy Wildeman; 2nd Ken Greenhorn; 1st Jannik Plaetner
Portrait: 3rd Amy Wildeman; 2nd Stephen Nicholson; 1st Ken Greenhorn
TR: 3rd Hans Holtkamp; 2nd Ken Greenhorn; 1st Brent Just

AR: 3rd Gordon Sukut; 2nd Bill Compton; 1st Dale Read
B&W: 3rd Michael Cuggy; 2nd Brent Just; 1st Ken Greenhorn
Portrait: 3rd Barry Singer; 2nd Ken Greenhorn; 1st Jamie Cleveland
TR: 3rd Michael Cuggy; 3rd Bob Littlejohn; 2nd Helen Brown; 1st Ken Greenhorn

Photographic Excellence Awards

Most achievement points in all clinics

AR: 3rd Barry Singer; 2nd Dale Read; 1st Ken Greenhorn
B&W: 3rd Bas Hobson; 2nd Nina Henry; 1st Barry Singer
TR: 3rd Ken Greenhorn; 2nd Karen Pidskalny; 1st Bas Hobson