Summer Fun Bonus: Courtney Milne’s Home

We have been invited for a special visit to Courtney Milne’s home just outside the city of Saskatoon on July 27th at 1pm.  We will be meeting at the Walmart on the West End (225 Betts Avenue) in the Southeast corner of the parking lot at 1pm and then caravan out to his property about 10 minutes West of the city.

Bring your walking shoes, a bottle of water and your camera to shoot around the property of about 80 acres and also the pool that has been made famous by Courtney’s photos.  Courtney’s wife, Sherrill Miller will be giving a tour of the Milne gallery of images in the house and don’t miss her presentation.  We are welcome to spend the afternoon shooting his home and property.

Special Presentation by Sherrill Miller:

Beyond the Third Note
re-weaving the texture of a life

We all have the opportunity to reinvent our lives every day.  However when we are thrust into a journey of major life change – through illness, a death, divorce, retirement, relocation or other loss – it is no longer a choice, but becomes a necessity.

In this presentation portraying wonder and beauty of spirit, Sherrill’s commentary is woven between sound-slide segments of Courtney’s mystical images with music by Ann Mortifee, Connie Kaldor and other inspirational musicians, on an excursion to recreate a life full of texture, grace and enchantment.