2014 Car Rally Results

So what is a Car Rally?

In the simplest of terms a car rally is a game where contestants are given clues and jobs to perform while driving a route defined by the clues.  Each team consists of a driver and two or three team members who all work together to achieve the goals needed to win the game.  Each team is scored on the time it takes for them to complete the rally as well as how well they managed to solve the clues and brought back things we asked for.

This type of game is quite well suited for something like a Camera Club as we simply ask each team to bring back pictures of certain objects and situations.  In this Car Rally some of the images we asked for could be taken at any time during the rally and others were revealed by the clues.   To make it more challenging we required all team members to shoot jpg file formats in order to speed up their work at the end when they still had to compile the images and hand them in before we stopped the clock for each team.

Being in the car rally is both challenging and fun but so is planning it.  Much time went into thinking up situations and images with a high squirm factor which would make the contestants do things they might not normally do – like approaching a police officer and take a mug shot or ask a bunch of unrelated people to pose for a “Family Portrait”

Here are the images we asked the teams to acquire.  Not all of these were given at the start, many of them they had to be figured out based on the clues

  • Group shot of the team
  • Action shot of skateboarder
  • Five senses shots.  Hearing
  • Five senses shots.  Seeing
  • Five senses shots.  Tasting
  • Five senses shots.  Smelling
  • Five senses shots.  Feeling
  • Phase II Reflection in Window
  • Shot from inside the Bess
  • Midtown Mall Escalator Shot
  • Mendel – Cephalocereus sinilis (Cactus)
  • Mendel – Pentas lenceolata (Egyption Star Flower)
  • Mendel – Agapanthus africanus (African Blue Lily)
  • University Hand in the Back
  • Clock on Broadway
  • Don’s Photo
  • Dairy Queen drive by shooting
  • Busker in Action
  • Street Photography
  • Police officer
  • Ants view of small dog
  • Giants View of anything
  • Family Shot
  • Shot in the Dark
  • Pelican

Many of these had bonus points added for additional difficulty.  For example, seeing the eyes on a police officer would give the team additional points

And here are a few of the more cryptic clues:

  • It’s a store we probably all have been to at some point.  Synonyms for the name of this store includes; stage, points, chapter, time, segment, part, period and level to mention a few.
  • Vancouver Island has the Butchart Gardens.  Saskatoon has the M….. C……….. for those long cold winter days.   We want a close-up picture of each of the following:
    • Cephalocereus sinilis
    • Pentas lenceolata
    • Agapanthus africanus
  • You have already been to a place like this one today – now it is time to go and see the competition and ask for something you must have when you travel abroad but this one must be of your mascot.   Also, you would want to ask the proprietor for a handout for your next clue

The scoring was based on three criteria

  1. Total time to complete the entire car rally including handing in your images at the end. (25% of the total score)
  2. The images you captured. (40% of the total score)
  3. The places you figured out and went to and things/images that were brought back. (35% of the total score)

Check out the slideshow of the images each team brought back.  Keep in mind all the work are taken straight from the camera as jpg files as we left no time for post processing.   Make sure you sign up next year – we have learned a lot and it is bound to be even better.

Click to play slideshow
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