Shared Interest Groups (SIG’s)


“Where photography and friendship meet.”

SIGs are small groups that meet to discuss specific aspects of photography that are of interest to all members of the group.

The purpose is two-fold; to share your knowledge of a specific topic with like-minded members; and to get to know members of the club on a more personal level.

You don’t have to be an expert to form a SIG. Find a topic that interests you, and that you would like to share with a small group. Present it to the club to see who’s interested. The intent is that meeting dates and locations are outside of normal camera club meetings. It’s up to the leader to determine the logistics of the meeting place and time.

If you would like to form a SIG, or need more information, please contact our SIG Coordinator, Bruce Guenter at [email protected].

Previously Active SIG’s

Night Sky Photography

My group will focus on many aspects of night sky photography. We’ll take a look at photographing the general night sky, Moon, Milky Way, auroras, tracking, light painting, as well as anything else the group wants to learn about. We’ll try to get together at least once per month (more if people are interested). This will be a hand-on group, so cameras will be an important tool. I hope to meet for some practical information, then get out shooting. Locations to be determined and will be weather-dependent.

Leader: Colin Chatfield
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 306-717-6682

Sports Photography

Leader: Bob Holtsman


Leader: Barbara Rackel
Email: [email protected]