Street Photography (via Zoom)

Building Confidence to Shoot Street Images by Monique Campbell on Sept. 20th at 7pm.

Monique Campbell will be presenting Street Photography by ZOOM meeting. Please follow to link below:

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Definition of Street Photography: a genre of photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment. Street simply refers to a place where human activity can be seen a place to observe and capture social interaction. The subject can even be absent of any people and can be that of an object or environment where an object projects a human character or an environment is decidedly human. Framing and timing are key aspects of the craft, with the aim of creating images at a decisive or poignant moment. Alternatively, the street photographer may seek a more prosaic depiction of the scene as a form of social documentary. Quoted from Wikipedia

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