Fall & Spring Competition Winners

Congratulations to the 22 winners of this year’s Fall and Spring Competitions.

View the galleries of submissions and full results and comments:

Fall Competitions

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Spring Competitions

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Fall Competition – Print – Circles:

1st place               Hans Holtkamp – Rims

2nd place              Jane Hiebert – Holy Sieve

3rd place               Doris Santha – Birth of a Planet

Fall Competition – Print – Nature:

1st place               Bruce Guenter – The Shute

2nd place              Marcia Provenzano – Ghosts in The Grasslands

3rd place               Barry Singer – Dandelion Seed

Fall Competition – Print – From Your Phone:

1st place               Chery Lalonde – Emerald Lake Lodge

2nd place              Mary Lou Fletcher – Contemplation

3rd place               Duncan Myers – Modern Inukshuk

Fall Competition – Digital – Circles:

1st place               Ken Greenhorn – Bubbles

2nd place              Lisa Rachul – Morning Dew

3rd place               Ron Cooley – Bell Harry

Fall Competition – Digital – Nature:

1st place               Rae McLeod – Rain Kissed Plumeria

2nd place              Jessica Dyok – Alaskan Brown Bear

3rd place               Bruce Guenter – Spilt Milk

Fall Competition – Digital – From Your Phone:

1st place               Cheryl Lalonde

2nd place              Nina Henry – Socioeconomics

3rd place               Cathleen Mewis – The Splittin Image

Spring Competition – Print – Action:

1st place               Brent Just – Superman

2nd place              Rae McLeod – Making The Cut

3rd place               Dale Read – Two Points

Spring Competition – Print – Minimalism:

1st place               Cathleen Mewis – Out of The Darkness

2nd place              Brent Just – Lightriders

3rd place               Rae McLeod – No Neighbours

Spring Competition – Print – ‘Scapes:

1st place               Cheryl Lalonde – Multnomah Falls

2nd place              Rae McLeod – Superstition Mountains

3rd place               Dale Read – Skyscraper

Spring Competition – Digital – Action:

1st place               Ken Greenhorn – This Time, With a Smile

2nd place              Brent Just – Heads Up

3rd place               Larry Nagy – Flat Out

Spring Competition – Digital – Minimalism:

1st place Tie        Larry Nagy – All Journeys Start With a First Step

1st place Tie        Hans Holtkamp – Light

2nd place              Michele Kralkay – Tipi

3rd place               Gordon Sukut

Spring Competition – Digital – ‘Scapes:

1st place               Rae McLeod – Japanese Maple

2nd place              Cathleen Mewis – An African Oasis

3rd place               Amy Wideman – View From Under The Bridge