Tornado Hunter: Fall 2018 Workshops

Greg Johnson, The Tornado Hunter, has a few workshops in the Saskatoon area coming up soon.

He offers 2 day Intro to DSLR photography workshops across the prairies, but has in the past couple of years offered a number of Intermediate workshops as well. The question was whether one could enroll in an intermediate without having taken the intro and the answer is absolutely. They recognize a number of members of your club have been shooting manual for a long time and have some solid experience with their cameras, so they are most welcome to jump into the intermediate weekends. Greg is very accommodating to a variety of skill levels.

Sept 14-16 Intermediate Retreat Weekend, Champetre County – St Denis, SK
Nov 1 & 2 Intro to DSLR Photography – Saskatoon Inn
Jan 6 – 13 Puerto Vallarta Guided Photography Excursion – only 4 seats remaining!

More information about all his workshops