Scavenger Hunt 2016

We welcome entries for the Scavenger Hunt on Saturday July 23rd. Anyone, including non-Camera Club Members (spouses, children, friends etc) are welcome to attend.

The first event was really a LOT of FUN. For those of you who did not participate, the general idea is that your team is given a list of clues/riddles to solve, which leads you to various locations around Saskatoon to obtain a photograph of the “answer” to the clue. An easy example would be “Saskatoon’s Castle on the River” which would require you to go and take a photograph of the Bessborough. Points are awarded for: Solving as many clues correctly as possible, finishing quickly, AND for the quality of the photos that you take. Ideally your whole team would travel together in one vehicle, but you can also use two cars if needed. Seriously, sign up – it is a blast! And then a BBQ soiree at Karen’s house!


We will begin at 1:00 pm at Karen Pidskalny’s place (942 Laycoe Cres, in Silverspring area). There is plenty of parking to leave vehicles.

Teams can register their teams by Tuesday at midnight with Karen at [email protected]. There must be at least three on a team and no more than five. Please submit your team name, team members full names.

It will be $10 per adult, $5 per child (12 and under). This is to cover the cost of supper. We will bar-b-q burgers/hotdogs, have salads. We will get a mixed pack of pop at Costco. BYOB. We will need at least three teams to have this a go.

Bring along your own mascot for your team. If you are a single, you can still participate.

Register and you can be a part of a mixed team Canons and Nikons. Bring along your camera, a lap top and a usb. You will need your camera to capture things along the way. Your lap top will be required to upload your images and pick the best photo. The USB will be to transfer your images to Karen’s laptop to put together a slideshow for us to watch.

We will have supper in Karen’s back yard. She does have plenty of chairs, but bring one a long in case we need a couple of extras. There is a pool so if it is beautiful, you may want to take a dip. Bring along your swim suit and your own towel.