2015 Award Winners

We wish to congratulate all the award winners with their amazing prints and images this year.

New Lifetime members

Karin Buchanan, Solange Bakker and Helen Brown


Summer Fun

Prints: 3rd- Jamie Cleveland; 2nd- Gayvin Franson; 1st- Ken Greenhorn

Digital [View Gallery]: 3rd- Gerald Hammerling; 2nd- Cathy Baerg; 1st- Bruce Guenter


Fall Field Trip

Prints: 2nd- Gayvin Franson; 1st Gerald Hammerling

Digital [View Gallery]: 3rd- Ivan Gidluck; 2nd- Gayvin Franson ; 1st- Rhea Preete


Treasure Hunt

3rd Cathy Baerg; 2nd Rhea Preete; 1st Nina Henry


Clinic Winners


AR 1st Brian Yurkowski

B&W 1st Jamie Cleveland

TR 1st Brian Yurkowski


AR 1st Bas Hobson

B&W 1st Barry Singer

TR 1st Nina Henry


Special Digital

View Gallery


Scapes 1st Gerald Hammerling

Street 1st Barry Singer

Abstract 1st Bill Compton

Tabletop 1st Rhea Preete



Scapes 1st Nina Henry

Street 1st Bas Hobson

Abstract 1st Bill Compton

Tabletop 1st Amy Wildeman


Photo Presentation

3rd Dale Read; 2nd Ken Greenhorn; 1st Jannik Plaetner


Year End


AR 3rd Dale Read; 2nd Brent Just; 1st Jannik Plaetner

B&W 3rd Brent Just; 2nd Ken Greenhorn; 1st Amy Wildeman

Portrait 3rd Ken Greenhorn; 2nd Jamie Cleveland; 1st Jannik Plaenter

TR 3rd Ken Greenhorn; 2nd Jannik Palenter; 1st Brent Just



AR 2nd Ken Greenhorn; 2nd Dale Read; 1st Richard Kerbes   [View Gallery]

B&W 3rd Bill Compton; 3rd Brent Just; 2nd Bob Holtsman; 1st Bob Littlejohn   [View Gallery]

Portrait 3rd Ken Greenhorn; 2nd Jannik Plaetner; 1st Jamie Clevleand   [View Gallery]

TR 3rd Gerald Hammerling; 2nd Ken Greenhorn; 1st Betty Calvert   [View Gallery]


Photographic Excellence Awards

AR 3rd Barry Singer; 2nd Bill Compton; 1st Dale Read

B&W 3rd Jannik Plaenter; 2nd Michael Cuggy; 1st Barry Singer

TR 3rd Bruce Guenther; 2nd May Haga; 1st Nina Henry