Maidan Exhibit at Musee Ukraina

Taras Polataiko, a Canadian Ukrainian artist, has offered to bring his Maidan photo exhibit to Saskatoon from March 15th to 21st as a way to raise funds for the victims of the Maidan.

Maidan Photo Exhibit poster

UCC-SB in partnership with the Sisters of St. Joseph and Musee Ukraina Museum will be hosting this fundraising event. From March 15 to March 21, 2014 there will be Moleben and Panakhyda Services at 7:00 pm at the Shrine (located on Ave M and 20th Street. At 7:30 there will be an opportunity to view the Photo Exhibit at the Shrine and at Musee Ukraina Museum (across the street).

There will also be an opportunity for anyone wishing to make a donation. All donations received will be delivered to the New Community Credit Union and then to Ukrainian Canadian Social Services. Income Tax receipts will be issued by Ukrainian Canadian Social Services. There is no admission to view the exhibit.



Taras Polataiko a Ukrainian-Canadian artist known for provocative performances, paintings and films in which he tests the boundaries of mediums, histories and social norms. Following the attainment of his undergraduate degree in Moscow, he moved to Canada to undertake an MFA at the University of Saskatchewan, graduating in 1993. In his early career, he performed as a living monument to unrecognized Ukrainian-Canadians and also created a work where his blood, intentionally exposed to radiation at Chernobyl, became the central component in a sculptural installation. Paintings in the mid 1990s reproduced magazine photos of Kasimir Malevich works. More recent pieces include Kyiv Classical (2008), a film documenting his quest for a disappeared historic plaque commemorating the banning of the Ukrainian language, and Sleeping Beauty (2012), which reenacted the fairy tale in a manner that required any “awakened” beauties to marry the stranger who kissed them, bringing worldwide media attention to his practice. Polataiko teaches at the University of Lethbridge while continuing to exhibit nationally and internationally.