Summer Fun Event List

Here is the summer fun schedule.  Events denoted with a star are Camera Club specific events, the others are main events happening around town.  Photos taken at any of these events are eligible for the Summer Fun Competition later in the year.

June 21st-July 1st      Jazz Fest
June 21st-23rd     Pow-wow at Waneskewin
* June 25th      Forestry Farm. Rhea Preete leading. Meet at the zoo entrance at 6:45pm.

July 1st     Dakota Dunes Canada Day Celebration
*July 2nd     Solar Gardens. Meet at Poor Boys at the end of 11th Street West on Highway 7 at 6:30pm.
July 6th      Air Show
July 13th & 14th     Pion-Era at the WDM
*July 16th     Shearwater River Cruise. Social event. Families welcome. $20 per person. Park at the Mendel Art Gallery. MUST be at the dock at 6pm.
*July 30th     Model Shoot at Boffins at Innovation Place. Jamie leading. 7pm.

August 1st-10th     Saskatoon Fringe Festival
August 6th-11th     Saskatoon Exhibition
August 15th-17th     Folk Fest
*August 17th     Painting with Light. Statue garden on Campus by the Diefenbaker Centre. 8pm. Bring various light sources (candles, glow sticks, strobes, gels, flashlights, sparklers, etc).
August 23rd-25th     Cruise Weekend
August 30th & 31st     Fireworks Festival (Rotary Park)