Monthly Viewfinder

A beautiful September has come and gone.  Now the splendor of the fall colors are around us for a few more days.  This month we will start meeting at the Mayfair United Church at 902 – 33rd Street West.  New members are always welcome.

Meetings this Month

Results Night for the Nature Clinic: ” Wildflowers and/or Birds

Tuesday, October 4th

Our judges will provide their scores and comments to the entries submitted in the clinic.

Member Presenter:  Karen Pidskalny “Creating a Photo book”

October 11


Guest Presenter:  Maria Rieger

October 18

* Submit for General Clinic: “Sports”


Judging night

October 25


Other News

Circle Centre Mall Display

The Saskatoon Camera Club will be displaying club member’s prints at the Circle Centre Mall in November.


  • Set up:  November 6th at 10:00 a.m.
  • Take down: December 4th at 9:00 a.m.

Deadline for print information:

To take part you must email Valerie Ellis ([email protected]) the information or phone her at 978-8220 or last but not least give her the information at a meeting.  This following information must get to me by the 21st of October:

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Phone number.
  • Print ‘s title
  • Price.  You must clearly define this to me.  A price or a NFS (Not for Sale) is to go with each print.  Please remember that the Mall will take 25% from each sale, so price accordingly.  You do not want to lose money.

Print Requirements:

  • You are allowed 2 larger prints, no larger than 16 x 24 or 3 smaller prints.
  • You must submit a matted and framed print ready to hang with a wire or proper hanger on the back.  You must bring it to the Mall the morning we hang it or you must arrange with me to pick it up before that morning.
  • Each print to be titled and have your name and phone number on the back.


Auction of the Late Vern Ambler

Vern Ambler passed away and he has left behind a large collection of over 3000 cameras which will be auctioned off.

Klass A Auctions will be auctioning Vern’s estate which includes camera, Kodak posters, projectors, lights, tripods and a large number of other photographic equipment.

Klass A will have their first auction on Wednesday, October 12th from 4:30 to 8:30.  Photos will be on their site just prior to the auction date.

About Klass A

Klass A Auctions is a leader in household disbursement auctions. Conveniently located at #6 112 Avenue E North in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada just off 22nd Street.

Household and antique auctions start every Wednesday at 4:30 pm. Furniture and larger item auctions start every Wednesday at 6:00pm.

For your convenience absentee bids are accepted on line until midnight Tuesday.

Please check out Sask Photo News for more news outside the club.