SCC Summer Fun 2011

Here is the list of the Summer Fun Events for the club.  Also check out our calendar on the newly redesigned website. Download the PDF here.

May 28 and 29      Blackstrap Art Tour    Sat 9-5    Sun 12-5

Meet at Circle Center Mall parking corner of 8th and circle to car pool – Sunday at 12 or take tour on own.  Glass blowing is interesting.

June 5           Doors Open Saskatoon
Self tours – any photos taken will qualify

June 11 and 12    Parkland Art Tour

Shellbrook area   10:00 to 5:00.  Honeywood Heritage Nursury part of tour.   Meet at Flying J, Sat. June 11 at 9:00 to car pool and plan the day.

June 14         Saskatoon Zoo

Meet at the entrance by 7:00 PM to benefit from group rate.

June 21         Aboriginal Day    Waneskewin

Dancers will be performing – outside if the weather is good, other venues available. No time available

July  9 and 10      Pion-Era 2011  WDM

Time: 9 – 5      Demonstrations and displays both days.  Meet there 10:00 Saturday

July 19  Berry Barn

Meet at Westgate parking lot 6:30 – near Pharmasave to car pool.

July 23 and 24    12-40 and Beyond

Meet at Flying J parking lot Sunday July 24 at 9:00 to car pool and organize or take tour. On own.

July 27 and 28     Waneskewin Pow Wow

No times available.

August 6 and 7    Air Show – view at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway

Time and rates not available.

August 9       Pike Lake

Meet at Westgate parking lot at 6:30 to car pool.  Bring your supper.

August 23      River Boat Cruise

Departure time is 7:00.  Meet at the boat dock by the Mendel.  Rates: adults $17.00, seniors $16.00, Students $16.00, children $10.00.

August 28       Elbow and area

Meet at WDM parking lot at 9:00 to car pool.  Bring lunch.  Former club member Ken Crawford lives at Elbow and will be our contact there.