2012-13 Clinic Topics

These are the topics for 2012-13.  Topics for next year (2011-12) are here.


Big Sky

Pictures can be of anything, but the catch is that at least 60% of the photo has to be sky and the primary subject!  Samples

Swamp, Marsh or Wetland

Include your best photos including wetland landscapes, plants, flora and wildlife.

Use of Negative Spaces

Negative space is the space around your subjects in your photographs. The space of nothingness in your photographs is just as important as the space that is taken up with your subject. Negative space provides balance in a photograph and also provides a place for your eyes to rest. Studying and including the negative space in your composition can help strengthen the composition and add more emphasis to your main subject.  Samples


S Curve

Painters discovered that the inclusion of an s-shaped curve in their composition added a sense of movement to an otherwise static image. The s-shape is aesthetically pleasing and is capable of standing on its own in an image. Show us an image where the “S” curve serves as the primary focus of your image. Samples

Action, Speed, Motion

Photo of any subject in motion – no static or posed shots, please. Can be playing sports, walking along the street, or jumping up and down on a trampoline – whatever it is, your subject has to be moving.  Samples

In Performance

Photos of performers in action. Musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, jugglers, magicians, etc.

Treasure Hunt

The Letter T