Summer Fun Trips

This information is also available on our calendar.

May 23
Saturday a day trip to the Crooked Trees and area Bring lunch (2 if you travel with Pat Derbowka as your day may be long-but fun)
Vern Sanders will be leading this outing
Meet at Flying J Truck Stop on Idyllwild Dr. just past Merlin’s
9 AM
Remember to dress for the weather

May 31
Sunday half day trip to Dundurn 3rd Annual Studio Arts Tour
Contact person: Pat Derbowka
Meet at Circle Center Mall (Safeway) parking lot-NW corner near big sign
1 PM

June 6
Saturday an afternoon, evening trip to Bents Bring food for supper. Note: NO FACILITIES DRESS WARMLY!
Leader TBA
Meet at Westgate Shopping Plaza-west end
1 PM

June 24
Wednesday, an evening trip to Forestry Farm and Zoo Meet outside the Zoo entrance- Group rate applies for 6 or more people Zoo has African lions in the cat enclosure and bears (not in the cat enclosure!)
6:30 P M

July 21
Tuesday an evening trip to Ukrainian Park on the Pike Lake road
Bring a picnic supper. There are facilities
Contact person Karen………..
Meet at Westgate Shopping Plaza-west end for car-pooling 5:30 PM or come directly to the park.

July 25
Saturday day trip to the Bruno Cherry Festival $10/person entrance. Food is available for sale. Car show, parade orchard tours Country Supper for $14 each is available from 5-7pm Meet at Fas Gas at the junction of highway 5 and 41
9 AM

August 8
Saturday day trip to Seager Wheeler/Fort Carleton Bring lunch-food may be available. There may be an entrance fee Meet at Flying J Truck stop on Idyllwild Dr.
9 AM

August 18
Tuesday an evening trip to Innovation Place. Enter from Preston
Ave. on Innovation Blvd. Park near the fountain. Boffins Garden has lots of flower ops.
Meet 6:30 to 7 PM- wander around for a few hours and maybe go for a coffee!