March Updates

March 10

Guest Presenters: Don’s Photo
They will bring some new equipment and answer question. Do you know how to clean your sensor??? Do you know what a slingshot bag is???
Come and learn many other interesting things.

March 17

Election night and membership judging of submissions
– Bring all prints and slides that were print or slide of the evening or month. Digital selections will be set up
Membership will vote the best Print of the year, Best Slide of the year and Best digital projected of the year

Other submissions that will also be judged by the membership:
Landscape– Print only. 2 max. Must be matted as we do for clinics
Field trip – 2 slides and/or 2 prints. Must be matted as we do for clinics. Entries must be taken on the Sept. 21st Field Trip to Bents
Table top – 2 slides and/or 2 prints. Must be matted as we do for clinics.
Treasure hunt – must be all 5 categories (letter P, color Purple, verb Playing, object Pottery, bird Peacock), can be slide and/or 4×6 unmounted prints. Put the category on each of the slides and prints

All submissions will be retained until the May 5 Awards night. Prints may be displayed at the Transparency Battle on May 3.

Register titles for slide or digital sets.

You can submit your Transparency Battle slides at this meeting but they will be judged by the membership on the 24th.

I need your titles for your entries and price if you wish to sell so we can make display cards. You can drop these off by the 20th at the latest at the Off Broadway Arts Centre. Mon. Wed. Thur. Fri. – 9:00-5:30 Tue. 9:00-4:30. (if you are stuck and cannot get there then get your work to me and I will get them there) Be sure your name, title and price is on the back of your entry.

March 24th

Jim Barnsley “Behind the News Camera” – a day in the life of Jim!

Portrait: Print/slide/digital projected, 2 slides and/or 2 prints max.,
Open: Print/digital projected – black & white, 2 submissions max
Open: Print/digital projected – creative, 2 submissions max
Open: Slide, 2 submissions max
Print Sequence – 3 to 5 prints, 5×7 each, matted separately or all on one mat board

These will be judged by 3 professional judges and retained until the May 5 Awards night. These may be displayed for the Transparency Battle on May 3rd. (we want to show our great images off to the visiting camera clubs)

CONFIRM: Slide/digital set entries
If you have any questions please feel free to call me. Remember – this is a participation club. Your votes are needed for the March 17th entries. We also need some executive members.