Roman Catholic Church in Fish Creek, Saskatchewan (Scott Prokop)

2020 Fall Field Trip

2020 Saskatoon Camera Club Fall Field Trip – September 19th at 9:00 am

Be sure to bring the following: warm layers of clothing, lunch, beverages, chairs and your cameras!

We will leave from the Safeway (University Heights) at McOrmond and Attridge Drive at 9:00 am (map). Look for a car with a tripod and a flag!

From Saskatoon to the first church is about 55km. We will head south on McOrmond Dr and take the exit onto Highway 5. Take a left hand turn onto Highway 41 toward Aberdeen. About 10 km past Aberdeen on Hwy 41, turn north where the sign indicates Fish Creek Road, a major Gravel grid road. This will be past the Louis Dreyfus Inland Terminal but before the big Millennnial Cross. About 4 km in and off to the right we will see the domes of a Ukrainian church on Smuts Road. There are two churches on this road that we will be stopping at for pictures. When we are done there we head back to Fish Creek Road and continue north. About 11 kms there will be a monument at a corner where we will turn and go to the Battle of Fish Creek valley. I think this is going to be a good spot to have our lunch after hiking through the valley. It is very pretty in there and I am hoping the fall colours will be starting to show.

After lunch we will continue along Fish Creek Road. Along the way we will see the river valley and a stop at the old Fish Creek Roman Catholic Church. Although there are No Trespassing signs, we have been given permission to go onto the land and photograph the church.

Just north of Batoche we take grid road #782 to St. Louis. There is the old bridge there to photograph and a short little walking path just on the other side of the road.

From St. Louis we take Highway 25 to Kinistino (56km) and from Kinistino we take Hwy 3 to Highway 41. Heading back towards Saskatoon there is an old trestle bridge, junk yards and twin elevators just off the highway. We may or may not see migrating birds at this time of year. Feel free to stop to photograph anywhere along the way. Depending on the time of day and weather we can make stops at these or just head back to Saskatoon.

Contact Person:
Rhea Preete