December Meeting Reminders

Our two meetings in December were moved ahead by one week.  Please note the programming changes.December 10th, 7pm
Results Night for “Movie Titles”
Submit for Summer Fun, Fall Field Trip, Treasure Hunt
Mayfair United Church

December 17th, 6:30pm
Christmas Potluck (Bring your favorite dish)
Submit for Clinic “Power of Nature”
Mayfair United Church

Treasure Hunt

4×6 prints, all 5 topics, print your name and category (from below) on the back of the photo, no titles required

  1. The Letter “U”
  2. Underwear (noun)
  3. Upside-Down (verb)
  4. Umber (color) – Natural brown or reddish-brown pigment
  5. Ungulates (animals with hooves)

Summer Fun and Field Trip

  • Entries must be taken during the September club field trip or summer fun trips
  • Digital and Prints, mounted (mat optional)
  • Limits: 1 Digital Submission for Summer Fun, 1 Digital Submission for Field Trip, 1 Print Submission for Summer Fun, 1 Print Submission for Field Trip (Total of 4 images)
  • Can be color or black & white
  • No creative/altered reality
  • All print categories are judged together and follow the same size rules as in the Guidelines for Prints
  • Members select the winners
  • EMAIL DIGITAL ENTRIES TO:  [email protected]

Power of Nature

* Nature Clinic: There must be minimal or no evidence of human activity (roads, fences, buildings, power lines, etc.)

The power of nature could be destructive or peaceful.  A photo that evokes strong emotion when captured in a photo.

Samples for Inspiration:
Elements of Nature Series