Gallery: Janet & Bruce Johnson

Saskatoon Camera Club member Bruce A. Johnson and his wife, Janet have a display of their photography work in the Jade gallery of the The Centre Mall in Saskatoon until Jan 2nd, 2011.

Along with the impressive and breathtaking images, is a walk down the memory lane of cameras. From the 1920’s to the 21st century, there are some here that everyone will remember using or seeing. Two highlights, a ‘Viewmaster – Personal Stereo Camera’ and display. Look through the glass to see 3D-like ‘Stereo’ images of the Vimy Memorial is Saskatoon. An 8mm movie camera, this same camera model was used in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, Nov 22, 1963. C.L. Bronson captured several seconds of the Texas School Book Depository, including the 6th floor a few moments before the shots the killed President J.F.K.